Why is my forehead always dry, itchy and flaky

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The scalp is the anatomical area bordered by the face anteriorly and the neck to the sides and posteriorly. Contents 1 Structure 1.1 Blood supply 1.2 Innervation 1.3 ...

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Dandruff is the shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp. As skin cells die a small amount of flaking is normal; about 487,000 cells/cm 2 get released normally ...

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I wanted to titled this thead "Keratosis pilaris gone" but I think I still have about half a dozen tiny bumps on my right arm. If you read my posts, you know that I ...

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Dry, flaky skin is a common problem in many dogs. If your dog has itchy, scaly patches of skin, a poor quality coat and dandruff, she needs a skincare upgrade. Most ...

Dry scalp and flaky skin near the front of the hairline ...


Dry scalp and flaky skin near the front of the hairline

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A place for us to discuss the realities of skin and our bodies. To share our stories, ask for support, and increase visibility. You are worthy and deserving Our Skin ...


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